To all OEC Instructors:

On December 1, the Ohio Region will be conducting a Senior OEC Training Evaluator Clinic at PNS. This clinic is being held to re-certify current Senior OEC Evaluators as well as to certify any new OEC Instructors as a Senior Evaluator. So, if you are a current OEC instructor and have passed the Senior OEC Module, please consider becoming a Senior OEC Evaluator.

All classes will be held in the new Aid Room training facility. If you are a new instructor, we will start the training at 9am. If you are a current instructor getting re-certified, this class will start at 10am. We should be finished by 12pm.

We have a great time at the Senior Events and you will be helping the Ohio Region Ski Patrol.  For more information, please contact Janet Glaeser or Kevin Rankey.  Janet can be contacted at and Kevin can be contacted at

Thanks everyone!

Kevin Rankey