I had the pleasure of attending the Region meeting recently and heard a variety of things I wanted to pass on.

One topic of discussion was active shooter/disgruntled employee and it is possible that one of the special areas of training at the upcoming Region Meeting (more below) will cover an active shooter type event. One of our Region’s patrols was hit twice last season with sabotage by a disgruntled ex-employee. Power for the entire facility was shut down on two different very busy evenings, but fortunately, no one was hurt.

As you know from prior correspondence, Perfect North was awarded Patrol of the Year Honors in our Region. We know are competing at the Division level with results to be announced at the Division meeting which will be held September 6 through the 8th in Cleveland. Cleveland will be hosting the next Division Meeting and it promises to be fun. Organizers are looking for unique events and training as well as offering some great opportunities for fun on the side. If you enjoy sporting clays, an outing at Hill ‘N Dale is planned for Friday, group tickets for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will be available, as well as road and mountain bike and motorcycle outings. A Beatles cover band (early days in set 1 and Sargent Pepper in set 2) will play Saturday night and Sunday morning will be followed by a patrol director workshop which will be followed by the Fall Region Meeting.

Alex Herrmann’s much appreciated work was also recognized as he received (in absentia, since he and Kendahl were busy with the delivery of their second child) the Outstanding Patroller award for our Region. I am keeping my fingers crossed as he will now be competing at the Division level as well.

Our new patrol building is making steady progress. The roofing is 75% – 80% complete and the siding work has begun. The interior framed walls are 80% complete. Next step is electric, which has been sub-contracted out, then HVAC. Stay tuned!

Random Facts:

  • National Ski Patrol recently certified a Motocross Club as a patrol.
  • A Region purchased slightly used Subaru for $30,000.00, had it wrapped and sold $60,000.00 worth of raffle tickets.
  • Mad River provides about the same number of service hours as us but will less than ½ the number of patrollers.
  • Boston Mills/Brandywine/Alpine Valley uses theme nights at their annual banquet to entertain-Oscar Nights, Night at the Races and Casino Nights were themes that resulted in 200 attendees.
  • Some of the Patrols in Michigan have “Alpine Hosts” and allow them to bring empty toboggans to Patrollers.
  • Our on-line FEMA courses must be finished by the Refresher
  • Refresher workbooks are out so if you did not receive one already, let me know.
  • Paoli Instructor Refresher Sat. Sep 21 and regular Refresher October 12, 2019.
  • Our Instructor refresher is scheduled for September 14, 2019 and the regular refresher is scheduled for September 21.



Mike Reed