For those that were unable to attend this year’s Awards Banquet on the River, I wanted to let you know who the great folks are who received special recognition at the Banquet. We were open 72 days last season and as a group, recorded 14,344 volunteer hours.

We have such an incredible group of Patrollers that it is hard to pick one individual over another. Having said that, please see below and give these folks thanks for their extraordinary service this past season.

  • Mash Award: Karen Binns – 67 incidents
  • Bravo Award: Frank Cleary – 262 hours
  • Outstanding Crew Chief Award: Ron Gerdes (Friday Late Night)
  • Rookie of the Year Award: Jeff Ayers
    • 180 hours volunteered, very active on the hill and during his training year. Crew Chiefs, training staff and area management enjoyed working with Jeff because of his enthusiastic attitude.
  • Distinguished Service Award: Lori Ringley
    • 18 years of NSP service, Evening Crew Chief, Region Awards Advisor, past PNS Outstanding Patroller, OEC Instructor, OEC Instructor Trainer, past PNS Refresher Instructor of Record, past Region Outstanding OEC Instructor, past Region Outstanding Administrative Patroller.
  • Outstanding Patroller of the Year Award: Dave McKinley
    • PNS Board Member, Certified Patroller #802, OEC Instructor, OEC Instructor Trainer, OET Trainer, OET Instructor Trainer, PSIA Tele Level 3 (levels 1, 2 and 3 all within a 12 month period)
  • Chuck Huff Award for Effort: Al Czarnecki
    • PNS Supplies Manager, PNS Board Member, Coordinates effort to open and close the season.
  • National Appointment #12034 Ron Gerdes
  • Purple Merit Star for Saving a Life: Al Czarnecki and Brian Smith
    • Their service for providing aid to Terri Alig, a deathly ill Alumni Patroller at the Perfect North Slopes Tubing Hill deserves the recognition this honor brings. These patrollers provided CPR that resuscitated her life. Their actions saved Terri from dying that evening. Unfortunately, her brain aneurism was so damaging that surgeons were not able to repair the damage and she passed away shortly thereafter.
  • Blue Purple Merit Star for Aid in Saving a Life: Michael O’Hara and Eric Johann
    • Recognized for their work in helping Terri Alig, as well.


PR Certificate of Appreciation Awards

– OEC Instructor
– S&T Instructor
– LAR Instructor

Alex Herrmann: OEC Refresher Instructor of Record, Mountain Host Program & Web Site creator
Andrew Hayes: Senior Alpine Patroller
Dave McKinley: Level II and Level III Nordic Tele
Megan Sunderhaus: PSIA Level I Alpine
Kendahl Herrmann: Outgoing PNS Treasurer
Kevin Rankey: Outgoing Board Member
Dennis Courter: First Aid Room Refresh Team
Harold Park: Certified #819
Andrew French: Certified #820
Carol Teter, Scot Gilb, Stefan Kyntchev and Megan Geoppinger: passed Senior OEC Module

NSP Region Service Awards:
Over 50 years – Tom Worley, Rod Childs, Dale Mihuta

NSP Service Awards: 5 years
Kristen Bickel
Brian Harrison
Shawn Heilman
Elizabeth Rupp

NSP Service Awards: 10 years
Larry Paule
Brad Turner
Cynthia Wert
Nathaniel Wert

NSP Service Awards: 15 years
Karen Binns
Mark Branham
Donald Brown
Stuart Deadrick
Adam Heist
Todd Jordan
Mark Misulich
Dan Pflum

NSP Service Awards: 20 years
Michael O’Hara
Diana Raming
Robert Tansey

NSP Service Awards: 35 years
Paul Gaffney
Mike Namaky

NSP Service Awards: 40 years
Jim Woodrum #8064

NSP Service Awards: 45 years
Gordon Gavin #8554

PNS Service Awards
Paul Gaffney, 35

Rod Childs, 30

Kelly Herrmann, 25
Bruce Smith, 25

Kim Garrett, 20
Ron Gerdes, 20
Steve Johnson, 20
John Mcgoff, 20
Barry Mesley, 20
Gary North, 20
Karen Binns, 15
Scott Chapman, 15

Steve Cottingham, 15
Scott Dawson, 15
Milton Flowers, 15
Caitlin Hammons, 15
Scott Hempel, 15
David Pflum, 15
Brad Strand, 15
Steve Tardiff, 15
Nathaniel Wert, 15
Kelli Dinnison, 10
Kimberly Durrum, 10
Dave Jackson, 10
Stephen Jarboe, 10
Jeff Nagelhout, 10
Kyle Newsom, 10
Diana Raming, 10
Mary Vanderloo, 10
Robert Doerning, 5
Chris Greenwood, 5
Ron Hager, 5
Andy Hayes, 5
Rob Hilgefort, 5
Stephanie Hilgefort, 5
Dave Mckinley, 5
Sean Selfe, 5
Steve Drefahl, 5
Richard Pitt, 5

For those that did not receive their awards at the Banquet, they will be available at the regular refresher. If I missed recognizing you, I apologize and ask that you please let me know so that I can correct the records and order your award in time for the Refresher.