This is going to be (has been already) an exciting season with opening the slopes early, the new patrol room and the board collaborating together to achieve its organizational goals for the season. The team is focused on big picture opportunities with an eye towards the future, but focusing on day to day operations as well. The board has been developing and disseminating plans and policies to ensure the foundation effectiveness of our organization is prepared. The board has adopted a mission statement for the 2019/2020 season to identify our goals and to better serve you:

Mission Statement:

“A fully functional, professional community that provides leadership dedicated to snow sports safety and continuous development.”

The Board is committed to serving YOU! Being a Board member is about sharing our passion and staying true to the mission we’ve set forth to help our patrol achieve more season after season. We will be active listeners who will communicate the facts clearly. We will be ready to answer questions and objections and participate in productive discussions. We will devote enough time to fulfill our roles appropriately and advance the work of the organization. So if anything arises during the season, don’t hesitate to pull a Board member aside to discuss your ideas or concerns.


“YOUR” Board Members

Harold Park, Dave McKinley, Alex Herrmann, Stephanie Hilgefort, Dennis Courter, Chris Greenwood, Phyllis Mauntel, Paula Osorio, Todd Jordan, Kim Durrum, Jonathan Davis