The Mountain Travel and Rescue I (MTR I) is being planned for March 29-31, 2019 at Ewing Woods (3070 Hastings East Rd, Lucas, OH 44843).  Both MTR I and II are considered Senior Electives. The course is open to non-ski patrollers who want to participate.

The MTR I course offers hands on practice and basic techniques in wilderness navigation, mountain travel and survival, including emergency shelters, the Incident Command System, group dynamics and SAR. The online FEMA courses IS 100 and 700 are required for this class.

The MTR II course offers at least two days and night field session of in-depth practice in land navigation, search and rescue, rescue rigging, survival skills and emergency shelters. To pass MTR II, students must demonstrate independent proficiency in a well defined set of backcountry travel, land navigation and emergency shelter.  The prerequisites are MTR I, FEMA course IS 200.

The MTR I course number is C119190003. Registration on the Ohio NSP website will be active soon with a minimum cost of $25. Ewing Woods is a campground and retreat area furnished with running water & full indoor bathroom facilities, including showers. There is a fully operational kitchen (including refrigerator, microwave, range with oven and sinks) and a gas grill on site for your use. Additionally, there are six cabins near the building that each have electricity.
If you are interested in the program as an elective for Senior, for your edification or for lots of good camaraderie, contact Cat Hufnagle at MTR Instructors from PNS include John Corrigan, Ron Gerdes, Chris Korte, Jan-Erik & Susan Rosenburg, Greg Schmidt, and others.