Hey Perfect Patrollers,

We hope this ski season is has been going well for you. Despite the efforts of Mother Nature to keep things warm, Perfect figures out a way to hang in there!


We are moving at a great pace on Frosty Refreshers this season. Out of the 200 patrollers, a little over half are completed. Let’s keep at them and finish them up! If you have not worked with a trainer yet, please make that a priority the next time you come out for your shift. If there is not a trainer on your shift, come out before you’re shift, stay after your shift, or come out another night to complete your Frosty. This will help get these wrapped up. If all else fails and you need specific help on your shift to get a group of patrollers refreshed, please email Dave McKinley (davemckinley4@yahoo.com) and he will help coordinate trainers.


Registration for Frosties
Everyone needs to register on the National site for their Frosty. Click here to register.


If you are having issues, you can log into the site, click on the Course Schedule tab and enter the course number C106200004 under the “Course Number Equals” box and register from there. Follow the prompts all the way through to the confirmation page.


Training outside of Frosties
If anyone is interested in training outside of a Frosty, it is always available. You don’t have to been a Candidate, working toward Senior or Certified, becoming a trainer, etc – you can just TRAIN! Set a training goal for yourself this season. It can be ski/ride related, toboggan related, OEC related, or even a refresher on Chair Evac! Set up a scenario right outside the patrol room, or the side of the hill. Take 15-30 minutes of your shift time and review OEC, or get a chair evac bag out and review the components.