Prepare For Your Journey


The path to becoming a Ski Patroller will vary from person to person. We will outinline a typical training schedule in the first year. A lot of the trainign can be self paced though and will ultimately be up to you.

June/July – This is when you will receive your first email and introduction to the OEC training. You will have access to purchase your OEC book, sign up for and start to get prepared for class.

August thru November – The OEC class starts the first week of August and runs through the weekend before Thanksgiving. Classes are held every Tuesday and every other Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:30 at Perfect North. Although attendance is not mandatory it is vital to the successful completion of the course and passing of the testing. This training also includes a CPR course, Chair Evacuation, and Low Angle Rescue Training.

September – The annual Patrol refresher is held in September every year. Candidates are required to participate in this weekend event both as assistance to the entire partrol and as a learning tool.

November – The OEC written test is held the last Thursday of the class and the Practical exam is held the SAturday before Thanksgiving. This is what you have been workign towards for the past 16 weeks and is both nerve racking and exciting. The practial test takes an army of 60-80 patrollers that volunteer their time to host the test.

December – Let the Snow Fly! After completing the OEC course you then have 2 seasons to complete the On-the-Hill training of ski and Board skills. This is self paced and you are able to come out as much or as little as you would like. Typically 50% of candidates will complete this training is the first season and 50% will complete it over the course of two seasons.


The Mountain Host program is more self paced and runs throughout the year. An average time frame to complete the program is 3-4 weeks but will vary from person to person. You must complete a 15 module online program, obtain Pro CPR, and attend 4 Hands on trainings. At the completion of the program you will take a written and practical test.