The Flying Pig is turning 21 this year and we are actively looking for doctors, nurses, physician assistants, athletic trainers, EMTs, paramedics, other healthcare professional and students to assist with the medical team. Please consider spending Sunday 5/5 with us to help the runners, and walkers, not only from Cincinnati, but from all over the world! Medical volunteers are needed for both the main medical area, as well as at the aid stations on the course.

Please follow these directions to register:
  • In a new web browser, open your email account to this email.
  • Then in a new tab (same browser as your email though) go to
  • Click login (or sign up if you do not have an account) at the top right
  • Enter your username and password.  Click sign in button
  • You are now signed into RaceSafe. **You must stay signed in in order for the next part to work**
  • Go back to your email and click the link below for Sunday:
  • This should open with you already logged into RaceSafe and put on directly into the page to register for Sunday of the Pig.
  • Once signed up, you should receive an email confirming you registration for the Flying Pig Medical Team.  (the Flying Pig logo should also appear on your RaceSafe dashboard). If unsure it went through, I’m happy to check for you, just let me know.
Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.  And please, feel free to forward to friends, colleagues, peers, students, and anyone else with a medical background that may be interested.  As of today, we are still looking for at least 100 more volunteers!
We’re also looking for two patrollers to ride for Girls on the Run on 5/11/2019
Hope to see you on May 5th, when Pigs Fly!
Yvette Gerdes
Jess Mann, AT