It is time to start preparing for the upcoming ski season and complete your annual CPR requirement.  This year we are offering two formats: (1) Regular format with minimal instruction and (2) Challenge format. The regular format is same as we have had in the past with instruction and observation of demonstrated skills and techniques. The challenge format will require the demonstration of all the required skills and techniques without any instruction or coaching.  If you do not successfully pass all the challenge requirements you will be required to complete the regular format class.

Below are the currently available classes that will be filled on a first come basis.

Date.              Time.              Location
7/16.                7p.                   PNS.                   Regular  Format (20 Students)
7/25.                7p.                   PNS.                   Regular Format (30 Students)
7/30.                7p.                   PNS.                   Regular Format (20 Students)
8/7.                   6p-7p             Ron’s House.     Challenge Format
8/7.                   7p.                  Ron’s House.      Regular Format (15 Students)
8/10.                 10a-12p.        PNS.                    Challenge Format
8/10.                 1p.                  PNS.                     Regular Format (10 Students)
9/17.                  7p.                 Ron’s House.       Regular Format (15 Students)
9/21.                 4p-5p.           PNS.                     Challenge Format.

Please e-mail Ron Stertzbach at your requested training date. You will be sent a link to the on-line training that MUST be completed before the class you are scheduled to attend. Additional classes will be scheduled as needed at a later date. Don’t wait until the last minute to fulfill this annual training requirement.