The part of “Instigator” is played by Kelli Dinnison, the part of “Willing Victim” is played by Suzy Rosenberg

“Hey Suzy, it’s Kelli….I hear you’re not too busy these days. Want to help me with a special project?”

“For YOU Kelli – ANYTHING!”

“Great – so you know my beloved family house on Williamstown Lake in Grant County Kentucky? I think I may post about it a few times.”

(said under her breath) “A few? More like ALL THE TIME!” “Uh, yea, sure, looks like a great place!”

“Yea well St. Elizabeth Hospital is sponsoring a triathlon there and I’m on the organizing committee. I need some help in recruiting folks to this brand new event. Would you want to put your social butterfly skills to work for a good cause?”

“UGH, really? You know I just got done with my latest foray into the sports events market….but I’m always up for a challenge. So how can I help?”

“How about if we make you the inaugural Ambassador and you help us recruit all your tri friends to come?”

“Kelli – you’re stroking my ego…AND I LOVE IT! Sure.”

Many Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn posts and emails later – Suzy has exhausted all her contacts…..

“Hey Kelli – how about we put something in the Perfect Patroller? We could:

1. Tell everyone about the event and they can enter, at a 20% discount by using my code (STESUSAN)

2. Help out with first aid, course setup/cleanup, finding sponsors and other fun patrolesque duties

3. Spread the word!!!”

“Sounds great, I’ll get right on that and submit something to Stephanie for the newsletter”

“What if we made it more of a conversation than an article?”

“Suzy – you’re so smart! That’s a great idea!”

“Aw shucks Kelli – you’re so great – that’s why I’d do anything for you!”

end scene

Saturday, July 21 – Sprint, Olympic & Duathlon for all levels!

St. Elizabeth Triathlon – St. Elizabeth Triathlon

If you are interested in volounteering in a medic or any capacity, please e-mail
me at Include your name, contact information and how you
would like to participate.