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Ski Along

As part of the application process you will participate in our annual ‘Ski Along’. This one day event is a chance for you to get all the information about becoming a ski patroller. Each year we can only take a limited amount of candidates so this allows us to get to know you and help determine who would be a good fit for the patrol. At the same time this should give you a good sense of our patrol community and we are a good fit for you. Becoming a patroller is a huge time commitment and you should be 100% sure this is what you want to do.

Example schedule…

  1. Check In / Fill Out Additional Paperwork – We will provide lift tickets and rentals if needed.
  2. Group Introduction
  3. Break Out Training – We will break down into smaller groups and get to participate in a free training session with one of our trainers.
  4. What We Do – Get a glimpse of what we do on the hill when taking care of a guest.
  5. Group Discussion/QA – We will try to cover all of the important details and allow you to ask as many questions that come to mind.

Date/Time: One you complete your onlien application we will contact you with details about the Ski Along.