This summer, July 2018, Kim Krimpenfort’s Daughter, Savannah Baurichter 21, performed CPR on a 7 year old, saving his life.  He had drowned in a pool where she was nannying that day. The boy was pulled face down from the bottom of a pool, but no one there had a clue what to do. His mother was holding him.  He was silent, motionless, and blue in the face. She took charge of the situation and started CPR. Some one had already called 911. After two rounds of CPR the boy started breathing. Upon waking, his first words were “I don’t want to die!”

After paramedics arrived, one took Savannah aside and told her that her actions had saved the boys life.

Savannah told Kim later that she had learned CPR from the classes we used to hold for the young Junior Patrollers at PNS. The skills were deep in her memory and she pulled them up to her conscience when it became apparent that no one at the pool knew what to do.