Hello PNS Ski Patrol!!!

It is election time and I hope that you are ready to vote! Below you will find your 8 candidates, all who have committed to spending time ensuring that our patrol will be the best that it can be. Please take the time to read below each bio. They are all great candidates and we are lucky to be able to call them out fellow patrollers.

Here is the list of 8 candidates with detailed bios below:

  • Steve Cottingham
  • Todd Jordan
  • Stephanie Hilgefort
  • Kim Durrum
  • Sean Selfe
  • Dave McKinley
  • Scott Chitwood
  • Phyllis Mauntel

You will be receiving in the mail your ballot. Please cast your vote and mail back or drop off your completed ballot to the PNS office. We encourage all patrollers to vote. This is your way of ensuring to support your favorite candidates. Deadline to submit your votes will be Monday, April 9th.

Please reach out to Brandy Branham with any questions.

Thank you all for everything that you do!


Steve Cottingham

Steve Cottingham joined PNS Ski Patrol in 2004 and would like to apply his patrol and work experience as a new Member of the Board.

Steve works in Technical Sales and Customer Support for AFC Industries and has been employed there for 30+ years.  He was responsible for starting and managing a new division along with helping implement the Quality Management System for the company.

It is from his work experience and patrolling for almost 15 years that he believes make him a great candidate for one of the open Board positions.   Steve would like to help shape and implement new ideas and goals to make our Ski Patrol even better.

Todd Jordan

Todd Jordan has been a patroller at PNS since 2002. His wife Erin Jordan is also a patroller since 2017. Todd and Erin have four kids.

  • Ashton Jordan – U.S. Coast Guard
  • Wayne Ellison – IUPUI student
  • Garrett Ellison- Senior at Mount Vernon High School
  • Annie Boyd- Freshmen at Mount Vernon High School.

Todd has been a career firefighter/ EMT in Anderson, Indiana since 1990. Where he has served in several leadership positions such as Deputy Chief of Operations, Chief Investigator, and as a Captain On an Engine, Rescue, Ladder and in the Training Division. Todd and Erin also own a K9 Detection Training business in the Indianapolis area. Todd also serves on the board of directors for Canine Accelerant Detection Association and is the Chief Certifying Official for that organization.

Now that the kids are older, I have time to give back to the patrol and help to keep it going in a positive direction. We are a busy patrol and I would like to be in a position to help enhance it.

Stephanie Hilgefort

I joined the Patrol in 2013 through the encouragement of family members who are also members of the Patrol. Since joining, the Patrol has become my family. I’ve loved being involved in the Patrol in any way possible trying to attend every event or training that I can. I began my Senior journey a couple years ago and, after recovering from a couple knee surgeries, am hoping to finally get my Senior patch next season. I took over the e-Newsletter in 2016 and now help maintain the announcements on the new PNS Patrol website. To support my skiing habit, I work in Marketing/Advertising. I previously managed Skyline Chili’s account and now work at Landor, a branding agency, working on global brands. I’d like to use my professional experience and passion for the patrol to give back to make our organization the best that it can be. I’d like to further my involvement in the PNS Patrol by serving as a member of your local board. Thank you for your support!

Kim Durrum

My name is Kim Durrum.  I’ve been patrolling since 2008 and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  Building life long friendships has been the biggest reward along with ensuring safety and fun for our guests.  I couldn’t ask for anything more. I currently serve on the patrol board and have previously served for 6 years.  I would like to continue serving for another tern.  I am an OEC instructor, have recently been selected as the ROA (Regional OEC Assistant) and have passed the Sr. OEC course.  I have a challenging career as the Vice President of Operations for Commonwealth Credit Union. Leading a team of 170+ has taught me a lot about teamwork.  Which is what patrolling is all about.  Both jobs are rewarding and fulfilling in different ways.

I would appreciate your vote.  If you haven’t done so, I also encourage everyone to attend the board meetings.  They’re open to all patroller’s.

Thank you:)

Sean Selfe

My name is Sean Self and I have been a patroller for the last 5 years.  Before moving to Northern Kentucky I was a resident in Crested Butte where my love for skiing grew.  When my family and I moved here I joined our patrol and have met some of the most passionate and wonderful people.  I would appreciate the opportunity to serve you on our board and work on projects that concern safety issues and education.  I would love to see more continuing education locally and develop and easier system for scheduling and shift coverage.  Helping in these areas is where I would focus my attention and of course anything that would help us all become a better patrollers.  I look forward to serving all of you and skiing with you next season!

Dave McKinley

Hi I’m The Dave! You probably know me by my contagious smile. I’ve served on the board for the past two seasons, and have enjoyed the opportunity to serve our patrol in this capacity. I’d love to continue serving you for another term. Here’s a little about me:

I’ve been patrolling for about 10 seasons. Five seasons and Paoli and the last five here at Perfect North. During that time I have served an the OEC IOR, an OEC IT, Toboggan IT, the Ohio Region Senior Program Administrator, and recently achieved my Telemark Level 2 instructor certification. In fact, as I am writing this, I am preparing for my Level 3, so hopefully as your reading this, I got that as well! I am also a Certified Patroller – #802, and will be the Ohio Region Certified Advisor next season. All of this has given me great experience and helped me see unique ways to help our patrol continue to grow. As a board member, I want to represent you and do what I can to make your patrol experience fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable. After all, we’re all volunteers who love serving others, and of course, skiing!

Scott Chitwood

Hello, I’m Scott Chitwood and I began my patrolling endeavor with a wonderful group of candidates during the 2016-2017 season. At the beginning of this season I was a K2 and became an official alpine patroller in January. Reflecting back on these two years I’m thankful for all of the patrollers and non-patrollers that dedicated their time helping educate and prepare me toward successful patrolling. During my non-patrolling hours I work as a data analyst for Duke Energy where I will reach my 30th work anniversary this summer.  I’m a father of three wonderful young adults, all skiers, the youngest of which has converted to riding. They now spend most of their time with their college studies and that has permitted me free time that I’ve converted into patrol hours.  When they were younger I coached soccer for 8 years, was a cheer dad, ran them to baseball and football practices/games and took roles over the years as an assistant cub scout leader and pack treasurer.Durin g last summer’s off season, I began thinking about all of the personal time people put into preparing candidates like me and I couldn’t think of anything more rewarding than to give back anyway I could.  That led me to help with several OEC classes last season as well as the most recent Instructor and Patrol OEC Refreshers. This winter, I made it to Perfects for 46 of the 74 days allowing me to meet and spend time with a lot of great patrollers and candidates from both my regular shifts and other shifts as well.
With the flooding and melting snow I can’t help but ask,  “What am I going to do now that it’s over?”  I’d love to be able to take some of this time and energy and participate in more ways.  One of which, with your consideration and vote, might be on the PNS Ski Patrol board.  Thanks and have a great spring and summer !!

Phyllis Mauntel

I joined the Perfect North Ski Patrol in 1990 because I was spending so much time at PNS with my husband, Tom, who was on the patrol at that time.   Since 1990 I have become so involved in patrol life, I cannot imagine life without it.  Currently, I am a Senior Patroller. I have been an OEC instructor since 1991, a Patroller Enrichment Seminar instructor and IT since 1995, Patrol and Region Auxiliary advisor since 1994.  I have also served on the Awards Committee and have served as the Instructor of Record for Introduction to Patrolling. I received the Ohio Region Outstanding Auxiliary Patroller award in 1996 and my  Leadership Commendation Appointment  (National #8227) in 1998.  In 2008 I received the Ohio Region Outstanding Administrative Patroller award.  In 2016 I was named Perfect North Slopes Patroller of the Year. I have served on the Board since 2003.  During my time on the Board I have helped in the preparation of the Policies and Guidelines Manual and the updating of our current By-laws. I would like to continue to serve the members of the Patrol by being a part of the Board and I look forward to continuing the progress we have made over the years and meeting the challenges we face as our area and our patrol grow.