We Need Your Help!

This week kicked off the start of the new OEC class and we have a lot of eager candidates ready to join our ranks. This year is a little different than in the past and we are going to need a lot of extra help. We are running two different programs with 21 OEC candidates and 11 Mountain Host candidates. That means we will have a total of 32 new bodies on the hill when the snow starts flying. It also means that we need a lot of help to provide them with quality training. So, we are looking for as much help as possible for the classes.

Classes are held every Tuesday evening and every other Thursday evening. Here is a link to the syllabus so you can see the exact schedule: 2018 OEC Syllabus. Class starts at 6:30 with a brief quiz, a short lecture and then we will jump into scenarios and skill stations. We try to split the candidates into smaller groups, but we are limited by the amount of help that shows up each night. The more help we have, the smaller the groups, and the better the training all around.

If you are willing and able, we would appreciate any and all help. In addition to the class nights, we will need lots of help with the testing so please mark your calendars now for these dates…

* 10/2/2018 – Practical Midterm Test | 6:30-9:30pm
* 11/17/2018 – Practical Final Test | 9:00am – 4:00ish

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Alex Hermann