As I see cold weather in the forecast and begin gearing up for the season, it reminds me that I need to bring everyone up to speed on the new Mountain Host Program.

The Mountain Host program is new to PNS this season, but is an established National Ski Patrol program. So far, we have 16 people on the journey to become a Mountain Host. Ten of them have completed all the requirements to join our family.

All the candidates have completed an online ‘Outdoor First Care’ course and 4-6 hands-on classes. During the classes, they have learned how to perform a first and secondary assessment, bandaging, splinting, and back boarding. They hold an Outdoor First Responder Certification (part of the National Ski Patrol) and a Pro CPR certification. When the area opens, we will be assigning the Host a mentor so they can learn the ropes from the best.

Mountain Hosts will be on a scheduled shift, working a minimum of 12. Their duties will be to help in the aid room as needed, assisting in the completion of incident reports, assist with splinting, and so on. On hill they will be a first responder where they will assess the injured guest and call for the appropriate help and equipment to the scene. When the patrollers arrive, they will report their findings and assist in helping apply splints, bandaging, and getting them on the back board if needed. They will be able to take advantage of the ski training, but they will not be pulling toboggans.

Some of the Mountain Hosts are looking to join the full patrol in the future and others are just looking for a way to help wherever they can. Regardless, we hope that when you see a new member of the Mountain Hosts you will make them feel like part of the family.

Thanks and think a lot of snow!

Dennis Courter

Mountain Host Rep