By: Denise Keller

First, let me say that patrol is doing a great job and we all appreciate your dedication!  There are just a few reminders I would like to share as we continue our success through the end of the season:

(1) When you are actually starting the incident – your name as the Patroller goes first.

DO NOT CLICK ON ANY “PLUS SIGNS” YET – Actually click on the words/items below; this will open up the actual trail name or terrain park feature, etc. for you to “+” add.

(2) Please note that we have added a new ticket choice on the INJURED PERSON tab. You will now see Ticket with Rental. We will also be adding GROUP TICKET with RENTAL. Please be sure to make the appropriate choice. (We also need you to complete the EQUIPMENT TAB with ownership information and asset number, etc.).

Also, as noted down by the time clock, the lift ticket number we need you to place into 1Risk will be located on the bottom of the lift ticket and begin with the letter “A”.

(3) Please be sure to complete this section of the TREATMENT page including what time the guest left the aid room:

(4) The WITNESSES tab has 3 sub tabs that can be completed. Be sure to click “SAVE” when you are in these sections.

(5) On the EQUIPMENT tab, if a guest has their own equipment, there is a section for you to indicate to whom the equipment was released.

If you have any questions, or need clarification on what and how to report something, please do not hesitate to call Denise or Jonathan and we will be happy to help.

As always, THANK YOU for all you do!