I hope you are doing great and enjoying your time at PNS this season. Knock on wood, but your work has been really well received and is certainly appreciated both by the snow loving public (at least the vast majority of them) and our Management.

We recently had an incident of note at the hill that provides a learning opportunity for all of us. A season pass holder passed out in a restroom on site and was found have the residue of what may have been illegal drugs, an aluminum foil sitting on his body.

The guest woke up on his own after being removed from a stall by a patroller and was very belligerent.  Police and EMS responded.

This was a first for us and a very unfortunate one. There are a variety of lessons to be drawn from this occurrence. First, assuming it was indeed an illegal drug that caused the problem, the facts may cause us to question the commonly held belief that active people such as skiers are not “users” of addictive substances such as opioids.  Second, beyond dispute is the danger that can result from contact with some drugs. We are working on new protocols specifically addressing the handling drugs or residue or contaminated property, but until those have been fully reviewed and adopted, DO NOT TOUCH OR ALLOW ANYONE ELSE (EXCEPT POLICE AND EMT’S) TO TOUCH ANY SUCH SUBSTANCES, RESIDUE, CLOTHING, PROPERTY, ETC. THAT YOU BELIEVE MAY HAVE BEEN CONTAMINATED.  EVEN OUR BSI PROTOCOL DOES NOT PROVIDE ENOUGH PROTECTION TO YOU OR OTHERS WHEN DEALING WITH THESE TYPES OF SUBSTANCES.

We will be working to develop these protocols ASAP and will update you as soon as possible.

In the interim, if you are aware of protocols we should be considering, please advise me ASAP.

This is also a good opportunity to remind you that administration of NARCAN is not currently part of our approved protocols.  We will continue to review that policy, but as of the moment, we have been advised not to change that policy.

Best Wishes, Mike